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DATE: 2012/06/19(火)   CATEGORY: 日記
"they are just too much ahead of the times"? (時代の先をいきすぎている?)
Mr.Hayao Miyazaki is parading with the sign which says "No! Nuclear power plant" in the Pic.

"CONAN, THE BOY IN FUTURE(1979)", "NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WINDS(1984)", "LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY(1986)"…his animation movies taught us about that "Egoism" of human being is the most scary thing in this world that can destroy anything beautiful and precious. And his animations showed us the reality of the society, that it is always the poorest and the purest people and innocent creatures are the one who have to be struggle when the world will be in trouble.. Not the ones who control the world.

And we even didn't need to watch his movies to "study".
His movies just touch all the children's hearts with the beautiful artwork and unforgettable music…and the messages will stay in our hearts…
we all grew up with his animations, and we all just could enjoy it so much.

Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, Michael Jackson…we had been living with those men of "GENIUS☆" in the same era, and they gave their life and talents to send these messages to us since the period of rapid economic growth when nobody was seeing the dark future of the world.

Are we still going to say, "they were just too much ahead of the times"...?
If we didn't try to hear it now, we will never hear it until it will be too late.

時代の先を常に見て、我々にメッセージを、才能を持って伝えてくれてたひと。。『未来少年コナン』、『ナウシカ』、『天空の城ラピュタ』、、人間のエゴが 生み出すものの恐ろしさと、それに傷つくものたち、まじめに純粋な心で生きているものたちが一番辛い目に遭う現実、本当に愛おしくかけがえのないもの、、 を幼い私達に絵の美しさ、心に残る音楽と共に教えてくれたひとですよね。

宮崎駿監督、マイケル・ジャクソン、高度成長期時代の中、誰にもまだ見えていなかった未来を、ずっと昔からその才能を限界まで使って皆に伝えようとしてく れていた天才が同じ時代にいるのに、そのメッセージは、今になっても、やっぱりまだ『早すぎたメッセージ』になってしまうのでしょうか。。。

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