ai's country life with good fish and design. 田舎で旨い魚とデザイン暮らし。
DATE: 2012/06/30(土)   CATEGORY: Design
Hair-atelier Limlim 6 year anniversary (リムリム6周年記念広告)
I designed 6 year Anniversary flyers for Hair-atelier Limlim that appeared in between Fukui Newspaper in this morning.


Screen shot 2012-06-30 at 10.34.14 AM

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DATE: 2012/06/30(土)   CATEGORY: 日記
Whitening job☆(恥ずかしい?!)
I started real serious "whitening" @ my childhood friend's new dental clinic which just opened in my hometown in this May.
This is my first serious whitening experience, but now I'm loving it! This is the 10th day since I started, but it is such a nice refreshing feeling to see my own "heavy duty coffee lover teeth" getting whiter and cleaner everyday! It's like washing your sheets to perfect white, or getting manicure done.
It will cheer you up somehow like washing your life and mind. It makes me feel fun to wear more white clothes for the summer☆.

My "first love" man removed my disgusting "very bad tooth" with a big black hole (!) (so evil looking) before he gave me a whitening job!
The tooth he removed from my mouth was very very awful visually. OH MY GOD(*_*;)!
Sorry I even cannot show you the picture here! (you might be screaming "NO THANKS!")

I told about this story to my another old friend, and he was laughing with a stomachache and said with tears, "Ai, I can't believe you could go and open your mouth to your "first love", how embarrassing!! And he even took out your bad tooth!! You are so masochist!! I will never go to the dentist of my old friend who is girl! Especially first love!! Hell NO! You are so funny!"





このことを別の古い友人に話すと、『「異性の友人」である歯医者さんに口ん中見せるなんて、ようほんな恥ずかしい事を!しかも初恋の相手!ありえん~絶対ありえん~笑笑笑 あんた相当Mやね!!「鼻フック」に近い恥ずかしめやわ。』とまで言われ、汚い虫歯を抜かれた始末に腹がちぎれんばかりに大笑いしていました。。。『朝から面白すぎる話をありがとう』と涙を拭きながらお礼を言われました。




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DATE: 2012/06/29(金)   CATEGORY: 日記
Koushirou being very happy with three girls.(光史郎とギャルたち)
Koushirou being very happy with three girls from the early morning...(^_^;)so happy for you, Koushirou. Yes, his father is Cooney.


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DATE: 2012/06/25(月)   CATEGORY: 未分類
MJ day ☆ (マイケルが星になった日。)
Thanks for giving us dreams, you are so magical☆.
If you were not there, I could never be Ai Miki as I am now.
Forever LOVE to MJ....



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DATE: 2012/06/24(日)   CATEGORY: 日記
Saturday date♪ (今日は思い切り♪)
I had been very busy and unhealthy lately so I had to visit the hospital everyday, so Koushirou was often at his Kindergarden or Grand-ma's place, so I decided to hung out with him whole day today♪!! Kuni was not there because he took a class for his work. Koushirou never smiles when I try to take a pic...always I am the only one smiling silly when I try to take a pic with him...I have to take a pic of his smile after he will laugh usually. But when he is not smiling he looks more like KUNI.


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painting painting...(ぬりぬり。。)
It's getting closer to the finish very very slowly... I will show you the rest of the pic after it will get a life as a pendulum clock....


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DATE: 2012/06/20(水)   CATEGORY: Design
Men's Hair salon logo☆(男のスパ)
The Hair salon & Spa (special head massage for men) "HURELU" just opened today! I designed their logo and flyers, business card etc...
I decided to use "the Lion" as the symbolic icon for the "sexy men with lots of good hair" and made it "JAPAN" look for one of their strong concepts.



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DATE: 2012/06/19(火)   CATEGORY: 日記
"they are just too much ahead of the times"? (時代の先をいきすぎている?)
Mr.Hayao Miyazaki is parading with the sign which says "No! Nuclear power plant" in the Pic.

"CONAN, THE BOY IN FUTURE(1979)", "NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WINDS(1984)", "LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY(1986)"…his animation movies taught us about that "Egoism" of human being is the most scary thing in this world that can destroy anything beautiful and precious. And his animations showed us the reality of the society, that it is always the poorest and the purest people and innocent creatures are the one who have to be struggle when the world will be in trouble.. Not the ones who control the world.

And we even didn't need to watch his movies to "study".
His movies just touch all the children's hearts with the beautiful artwork and unforgettable music…and the messages will stay in our hearts…
we all grew up with his animations, and we all just could enjoy it so much.

Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, Michael Jackson…we had been living with those men of "GENIUS☆" in the same era, and they gave their life and talents to send these messages to us since the period of rapid economic growth when nobody was seeing the dark future of the world.

Are we still going to say, "they were just too much ahead of the times"...?
If we didn't try to hear it now, we will never hear it until it will be too late.

時代の先を常に見て、我々にメッセージを、才能を持って伝えてくれてたひと。。『未来少年コナン』、『ナウシカ』、『天空の城ラピュタ』、、人間のエゴが 生み出すものの恐ろしさと、それに傷つくものたち、まじめに純粋な心で生きているものたちが一番辛い目に遭う現実、本当に愛おしくかけがえのないもの、、 を幼い私達に絵の美しさ、心に残る音楽と共に教えてくれたひとですよね。

宮崎駿監督、マイケル・ジャクソン、高度成長期時代の中、誰にもまだ見えていなかった未来を、ずっと昔からその才能を限界まで使って皆に伝えようとしてく れていた天才が同じ時代にいるのに、そのメッセージは、今になっても、やっぱりまだ『早すぎたメッセージ』になってしまうのでしょうか。。。

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DATE: 2012/06/13(水)   CATEGORY: 日記
Hey Mr.Cotton Candy Man (かっこよすぎの綿菓子屋さん)
If I could met him in my childhood, he must be my hero. If I met him when I was single, I might asked him to be my boyfriend...


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DATE: 2012/06/13(水)   CATEGORY:
My Bandana & the Empire State Building.(私のバンダナとエンパイアステートビル)
My friend from TC (the textile company I worked in NY) just sent me this old pic...I thought it is funny contrast with the Empire State Building. I remember this moment so clearly, I was telling my friend something quite serious @ the roof top of the building during the lunch brake (it was my secret lunch spot) and then she started to giggle, and had to tell me how funny my bandanna flying up in the air was...LOL She couldn't keep listening my serious advice about her love situation, and laughing with tears.
I was in my nostalgic memory trip to NYC in my head...
Thank you Charlotte for sending me this pic*.

NYで働いていた時代の古い、懐かしすぎる写真を友人が今日メールで送ってくれた。。私の頭に巻いたバンダナとエンパイアステートビルのコントラストが今思えば素晴らしい写真だ。。www この時のことをすっごくクリアに覚えている。会社のランチブレイクに、友人を私の秘密のランチスポット(働いてた会社のビルの屋上)に連れてって、さんざん真剣な恋話か、とにかくまじめな話をしてたときに、突然相手のシャーロットが笑い出し、『ごめん、風でアイのバンダナが立ち上がってて、、う~苦しい!!!』と、私の真剣な、恋のアドバイスそっちのけで笑い転げてたのを懐かしく思い出した。www 写真って、時間をおいて見てみると、いろんなその時代の背景が蘇って、いいもんだなぁ。

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DATE: 2012/06/12(火)   CATEGORY: 日記
心配ご無用!!(No Worries!!)
Our favorite book of this month. Kazuhiko Toyota's children's book "Mr. Watermeron".
Story about a water melon. We did watermelon game at the beach in our childhood like Mexican Pinata culture. One of us cover his eyes with towel, and hold the stick, and one of friends will spin him, and try to brake the watermelon by listening everybody's voice like "go right go right" "you just passed!" "Go go go! Beat it!". This story is about it from the view of Mr. Watermelon. When the little boy hits him, Mr. Watermelon started to make noise of getting cracked...but he holds his hand up, and say "No Worries!!" ..then he broke into pieces and said with smile.."Here, delicious water melons. Enjoy with your friends!" Every time when we scream "No Worries!" it brightens up our heart.
It is like a magic word. Koushirou says it loud holding hand like this everytime when he falls. It makes me laugh.


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DATE: 2012/06/11(月)   CATEGORY: 未分類
Bachata Performance (好きになったBACHATA☆)
I tried Ballet and piano etc when I was little, but I realize that I have been always attracted by more local dance & music played and danced by the common people that we can see on the street or festival scenes. Appreciation to the earth, love, passion, sadness, anger, all the emotions are there..
I'm just learning Bachata from youtube, so not good level at all, but I love dancing bachata lately. We had Bachata parformance @ our local festival.




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DATE: 2012/06/08(金)   CATEGORY: 未分類
Dancing Bachata☆(バチャータを踊ります)
急遽10日(今週の日曜)に越前陶芸村で開催される大型クラフトマーケット『マルシェワンダーランド in FUKUI 2012』の特設ステージでPM3:30より、UNOさんと二人でバチャータを踊ることになりました!
このイベントにお友達のファビアンと奥さんのKazueさんが初出店するそうで(メキシカンタコス屋さん『AMIGOS TACOS』! http://amigo.petit.cc/ )お誘いを受けました。なんせ時間がないのでかなり迷いましたが、これほど福井県中の、しかも越前市の、異文化好き若者が集まるイベントで踊れるチャンスはなかなかないでしょう。。たくさんのひとに『ラテンダンスって、へ~♪↑↑↑』って思ってもらえてまた新しい出逢いに繋がったら。。とかなり気になり、お昼のイベントなので子連れ参加してみようかと思います。UNOさんとどんぐり仲間の前向きな笑顔に勇気が出ました。二人だけだと寂しいので、たくさん黄色い声援があったら嬉しいです(^-^)/。どうか皆さん遊びに来てね~。



チケット:【前売り】一般1,000円(マルシェお買い物券700円付き)※ 中学生以下は無料
     【当日】一般1,000円(マルシェお買い物券600円付き)※ 中学生以下は無料
出店者リスト: http://mwf2012.seesaa.net/article/272902728.html

フェイスブックにもページがあります。『マルシェワンダーランド in Fukui』で検索してみてね~♪


Screen shot 2012-06-08 at 5.22.52 AM
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DATE: 2012/06/03(日)   CATEGORY: 日記
Koushirou's yonger brother (光史郎の舎弟トッキー)

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