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DATE: 2013/09/09(月)   CATEGORY: 日記
Little cool poet. (ニヒルな詩人、光史郎)
Today was Koushirou's kinder garden's athletic festival. Koushirou is always so cool about this kind of kids friendly events... He doesn't appreciate it very much. After we run together for the game, he sighed deep, and looked up the sky, and said.."I wish I can just fly away somewhere far away from here now..." I wondered if the little boy who is standing next to me was a tired Japanese salaried worker..?! (◎_◎;)

今日は光史郎の保育園の運動会だった。こういう子供を盛り上げてくれようとしているイベントに、なぜか冷めている、ニヒルな、あまのじゃく光史郎は、私とかけっこで手をつないで走り、ゴールした直後、遠くの空を見上げ、深くため息をついて一言。『あぁ〜このままどこか遠くへ、飛んで行ってしまいたいなぁ。』一瞬、私の横にいるのは可愛い3歳児ではなく、仕事に疲れたニッポンのサラリーマンかと思いました (◎_◎;)。







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DATE: 2012/11/30(金)   CATEGORY: 日記
So Japanese! (やっぱり日本人の血)
He loves sitting as Japanese style even on the chair. Very interesting kids learn naturally even though we never told them to do. I took this pic missing my friends in NY...they would laugh and say, "so Japanese!" if they were here. lol



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DATE: 2012/10/04(木)   CATEGORY: 日記
Love is the answer (愛の力)
Since I experienced intense bullying when I was a child, I had been believing that there are "kind children" and "mean children" in this world.
However I noticed that it is not the truth since I got a chance to spend time with my own child everyday…he moves my heart everyday.
I realized that "all children must be kind with tender hearts originally".
It must be because they are still closer to "animals" when they are very young.
All animals are also very very gentle and tender.
More than parents love them, children must love their parents with pure love, and
pets love their owners…
So when their pure sweetness touch our hearts, it makes our eyes wet.
"Power of love", is amazing.
That must be also why Michael Jackson's songs make our eyes wet,
because we feel "love".

The child who does bullying , sad mother killing also her own life by abusing her own child…, these things are also occurring as their hunger to the love which accumulated little by little, the sadness which is impossible to speak out and anxiousness and poverty...
The stress of the mother who does not have any help, no one appreciate with a word "I know you are doing your best" will cause abuse in many cases.
And the children who have received the stress of these kind of sad parents may become a bully in many cases.
Of course only about "child abuse" issue, there are also many incidents by the horrible adults who are just selfish and no love to their own children.

The lifework which will be able to give love and energy to someone…
.I would also like to make such work.
Making efforts every day.

Little by little -- it must be the massage from Michael Jackson.
Even little by little, just start giving "love" to your surroundings, your family..
and this place could be much blighter than tomorrow.

Ok, I could charge enough energy to work hard for today☆ o(^^)o!!



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DATE: 2012/07/24(火)   CATEGORY: 日記
Flood attack (豪雨の恐ろしさ)
Horrible flood struck the famous historical Paper Village in my town. Why always disasters attack the weak or poor area? I don't mean that disaster should visit some rich area, but it is just very very sad to see the old and poor craftsmen people struggling with the natural disaster.
I visited 2 craftsmen's places for volunteering today, but it was worse situation than I imagined.
So many Japanese hand-made paper craftsmen are living in this village, but lots of their factories were attacked, and these 2 craftsmen who are my friends (both are more than 80 years old)' places were major disaster.
Their old and precious tools and pots, materials for traditional paper making are all broken or gone or messy or muddy.
I thought it is too hard for 80 something years old men to think optimistic to restart in this situation, they need lots of energy support from young people, and money help from the government to continue their business.
They thanked us so many times, prepare the cold drinks and snack for us, and even try to find something in the house to give me when I was leaving...they are all so kind and nice people....I was overwhelmed.
The craftsmen who made our histories and cultures are national treasures, and they are also our grandpas and grandmas for all of us.
I stopped by Ootaki-Shrine (very old shrine for paper god in this village) to pray for them on the way to pick up Koushirou to his kindergarden. I thought it is so important to continue visiting them.



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DATE: 2012/07/22(日)   CATEGORY: 日記
Soupinashoe.com のウェブサイトにつきまして。
Thank you so much for visitig soupinashoe.com!
The store website is under construction right now, so
I'm going to announce updated information about the soup in a shoe store on this website (aimiki.com)
instead temporally. I appreciate deeply your understanding and corporation.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

Ai Miki

soup in a shoe ストアの新しい情報につきましては、臨時で、このaimiki.com のサイトの方で


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